Awareness by North American and changes to Belize property prices

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+ Awareness by North American and changes to Belize property prices

As the baby boomers respond to the marketing efforts of Costa Rica and Mexico they are now looking next door and choosing Belize:
- English speaking
- 2 hours from the U.S.
- Pristine nature
- Stable currency
- Peaceful history

The shift towards "no kids" households is expected to continue as baby boomers age. There is a strong tendency for these baby boomers to trade down to smaller primary residences and purchase vacation homes as their children leave home. This trend will surely put Belize on the radar of North American's looking for vacation homes. Communication technology is accelerating the trend to own vacation homes as it is now easy and inexpensive to stay in touch with your family from anywhere in the world.

Belize did not experience the housing "bubble" of Costa Rica, Florida, Mexico, and many other vacation destinations of the past decade. It's property values grew a modestly and responsibly.

Today you can still own a beach home for less than $200,000.

Property values will rise in Belize. Baby boomers have postponed retirement because of the 2008 recession which affords you the opportunity to discover Belize before the masses.

Thanks to advances in green technology and increased sensitivity to the environment, hopefully as Belize is discovered its natural wonders will be preserved.


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