Why Belize has Caribbean's least expensive property

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With all of Belize's advantages it is difficult to understand why Belize real estate does not cost more than its neighbors. This is especially puzzlying when you consider that all of Belize's neighbors have property rights that are based on Spanish law. This means strong squatter's rights requiring that you constantly monitor your property to ensure nobody make a claim of ownership. Furthermore, in Mexico for example non-citizens cannot directly own most land which forces you to partner with a local bank to have them own your property and sign a contract committing to follow your guidance with regard to usage of the land. Belize has extremely strong ownership rights and non-Belizean's have the same property ownership rights and Belizean citizens.

The country of Belize has only 300,000 citizens and consequentially the tax basis for the government is fairly low. This results in a very low marketing budget by the Government of Belize. Unlike Costa Rica and Mexico, Belize has not promoted itself as a destination. There is only 1 chain hotel in Belize - the Radisson - all others are privately owned and therefore have more limited marketing capabilities.

The fact that Belize has been undermarketed is actually an advantage for those who have discovered the country. Belize is known as "Mother Nature's best kept secret" and because of relatively low tourism levels Belize has maintained a pristine environment. Belize is home the the world's second largest barrier reef (second to Australia) but it is actually home to the world's largest living barrier reef.

Focus on global warming, advances in green technology, and an increased awareness of the importance of the environment are helping Belize maintain its natural beauty even though people are quietly discovering this Caribbean country.

Costa Rica was the first to capitalize on the baby boomer trend with its eco-tourism marketing in the 1990's. As a result, Costa Rica’s real estate prices have increased substantially. Much of Costa Rica's development occurred without today's advances in eco-friendly technologies and some of its environment suffered.

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