Why Belize property is more valuable that its neighbors

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Property prices in the Caribbean and Central America are greatly impacted by the Baby Boomers desire to own retirement getaways. There are 65 million U.S. baby boomers with $2 trillion in annual spending. One out of four boomers own multiple homes. Boomers are turning towards the Caribbean for more affordable vacation properties and Belize is a natural choice.

Belize is an English-speaking democracy with a peaceful history and is a British Commonwealth. The Belize dollar is pegged 2:1 with the U.S. dollar, which has controlled inflation and allowed U.S. home buyers to buy property without taking a currency risk. Direct flights to Belize are available from seven cities in the U.S. and Belize can be accessed in less than two hours from Miami. Buying power in Belize is 86% higher than the U.S. As taxes and insurance expenses continue to rise in the United States, many people are seeking vacation properties with lower carrying costs.

Advantage of Belize for Baby Boomers Selecting a Vacation Home
• English is the official language.
• British-based legal system.
• Currency is pegged to U.S. dollar.
• Nonstop flights from 7 major cities in the United States.
• Peaceful history and stable government with no war since the 1798.
• Lower cost of ownership for property.
• Property titles are fee simple with title insurance available.
• Largest coral reef in Americas.
• No citizenship requirements for land ownership.
• Tax incentive programs for retiree expatriates.

The unemployment rate in Belize is among the lowest in Central America. Belize has a relatively high rate of U.S. educated citizens. According to a study done by the Government of Belize, foreign investment in Belize has increased in the past 10 years with relatively large investments occurring in 1999, 2001, 2004, and 2005. These investments have centered on tourism.

The 2007 Moon Handbook, an award-winning travel guide, notes that "Belize is the only country within the Caribbean to experience consistent increases with respect to overall tourist arrivals since 1998." This trend is expanding into the luxury end of tourism and is helped by a number of celebrity real estate purchases in the country.

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